Monday, 16 March 2015

Benefit Pop-Up Shop

From St. Patrick's Day parades to Where's Wally Fun Run's and even beard exhibitions (yes, really!), there's always something interesting to do in London. Last week our random weekday discovery was the Benefit Pop-Up shop in Soho, which turned out to be a rather pleasant surprise. Spread over three floors, the pop-up shop featured everything from freebies and photo booths to cocktails and makeovers, providing the perfect girly night out.  

Upon entrance, you are transported into a 50's salon complete with baby pink retro decor where you can sit back and relax trying out their new roller lash mascara, which is actually pretty good!

The first floor is home to the beauty parlor where I had my make-up done for free, using their Benefit products of course. First, she applied the famous roller lash mascara where, surprisingly, she suggested wearing another mascara beforehand to achieve the best results. Personally, I'm not a fan of applying multiple coats of mascara as I feel it creates that 'spider leg' look, but I must admit, it did create that false lashes look without them falling off half way through a night out... She also applied a touch of What's Up highlighter and the Rockateur bronzer to give me a healthy glow. 

The top floor was transformed into the 'Noir Bar' serving classy cocktails and about a million bowls of free popcorn - I just couldn't stop eating it! I also managed to snag a cheeky cupcake which was a good end to an overall fun night. I would definitely recommend booking a time slot if you're in London anytime soon! 


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