Monday, 28 September 2015

LFW/MFW: Hair Edit

Ok, so I know Fashion month is mainly about the clothes but recently I have been obsessing over my hair - trying new hairstyles, getting it dyed for the first time in my life (better late than never right?) and just generally wanting to jazz it up a bit - with LFW/MFW being the perfect inspiration. 

You probably know as well as I do that those early mornings can be a real struggle when it comes to actually making an effort with your hair. Most of the time I just feel like rolling out of bed and turning up to work with my hair well... looking like I just got out of bed and went to work. So, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that at LFW Holly Fulton brought back the bed head in a fresh way sending models down the runway with their hair jujjed (how do you spell that?!) up at the back. Shortly after, Alexa Chung posted an instagram photo showing off her new bed head look - if it's good enough for Alexa, it's good enough for me!

After many attempts I've finally managed to master my french braid pigtails and I'm kind of looking for a new challenge. When I saw these graphic pigtails sported by the models at Marni, I instantly fell in love. Sometimes, when I wear my hair in pigtails/plaits I feel I look a tad childish but I like how this achieves a sleek, grown up look and is relatively easy to replicate!

What were your favourite looks from the London and Milan fashion weeks? 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Monochrome Madness

One word to describe the last few months - BUSY. Recently, I have been neglecting the blog, but finally after settling into my new job (yay!) I've found the time to share with you some of my new purchases. One of which are these minimalist black cullottes - simplicity at its finest! 

Duster coat//Crusade Clothing (Depop)
Roll neck top//Asos
Cullottes//Forever 21
Necklace//New Look 

With a work trip to Glasgow, visiting Forever 21 was of course a must. After scouring their three floors, I spotted these shorts/cullottes and had to buy them. I love the whole monochrome/minimalist look and knew they would go perfectly with my geometric duster coat (favourite coat e.v.e.r.) and a touch of red lippy. Hope you guys like the outfit!


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Yet Another Impulse Buy...

While being in London my shopping addiction has hit its all time peak, so much so, that it's at that "I want to buy everything and anything" stage. My bank balance is beginning to sweat, but hey, it's worth it right? The main culprit is definitely those sneaky impulse purchases that are calling out to you until you just can't resist the temptation (especially when it's 50% off at Urban Outfitters). 

Duster Coat//Crusade Clothing on Depop
Dress//Urban Outfitters
Shirt//New Look
Bag//River Island

This gorgeous velvet dress from Urban Outfitters has quickly become one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It's perfect for throwing on with a shirt for work or wearing on it's own, toughened up with a leather jacket at night. Sometimes those rash decisions turn out to be good decisions! 


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Stripe Trend: Take Two!

Vertical stripes - they're slimming, they elongate your legs and they're on-trend. What more could a 5ft 3 fashion lover ask for? Well actually, maybe a washing machine that doesn't shrink your trousers.

Stripes were a key pattern spotted on the Spring/Summer 2015 catwalks from the likes of Uma Wang and Balmain, inspiring me to give the trend a go. After hours of searching online I found a pair of chic, sleek trousers from Topshop and I thought it was a match made in heaven, but it wasn't meant to be when they shrunk in the wash (Read more here). Even worse, when I went to buy a new pair they were all sold out! (heartbroken </3). Not one to be defeated, I found an alternative pair from Forever 21. 

Pairing with a minimal white polo neck and classic tailored blazer will avoid clashes with the bold, nautical print allowing them to be the main focus of the outfit. Changing from a pair of flats for work into these simple black heeled sandals, carries the look seamlessly from day to night.

White polo neck//Asos
Bag//Autograph at M&S


Monday, 16 March 2015

Benefit Pop-Up Shop

From St. Patrick's Day parades to Where's Wally Fun Run's and even beard exhibitions (yes, really!), there's always something interesting to do in London. Last week our random weekday discovery was the Benefit Pop-Up shop in Soho, which turned out to be a rather pleasant surprise. Spread over three floors, the pop-up shop featured everything from freebies and photo booths to cocktails and makeovers, providing the perfect girly night out.  

Upon entrance, you are transported into a 50's salon complete with baby pink retro decor where you can sit back and relax trying out their new roller lash mascara, which is actually pretty good!

The first floor is home to the beauty parlor where I had my make-up done for free, using their Benefit products of course. First, she applied the famous roller lash mascara where, surprisingly, she suggested wearing another mascara beforehand to achieve the best results. Personally, I'm not a fan of applying multiple coats of mascara as I feel it creates that 'spider leg' look, but I must admit, it did create that false lashes look without them falling off half way through a night out... She also applied a touch of What's Up highlighter and the Rockateur bronzer to give me a healthy glow. 

The top floor was transformed into the 'Noir Bar' serving classy cocktails and about a million bowls of free popcorn - I just couldn't stop eating it! I also managed to snag a cheeky cupcake which was a good end to an overall fun night. I would definitely recommend booking a time slot if you're in London anytime soon! 


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Clashing Textures

Whoever said you appreciate the weekends more when working full time - yes, you were right. I try to make the most of every weekend I have in London since I'm only here for three months and this weekend was no different. After a trip to Choccywoccydoodah, and an embarrassing fall down the stairs landing in one of their cakes (don't ask), we stopped for some quick photos in this cute cobbled street.

Shirt//New Look
Bomber Jacket//Mango
Necklace//New Look

Cords may remind you of an old-fashioned fabric mainly worn by the older generation - sorry Grandad - but I love how these cord dungarees from Missguided take a fresh spin on the fabric, paired with a floral quilted bomber jacket to create the perfect clash of textures and balanced by a crisp white shirt. 


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Denim Delight

You're scrolling through Asos; something catches your eye; you're about to add it to your basket, and boom, it's sold out. I know that feeling of disappointment oh too well (speaking like a true online shopping addict). 
This time, I was in luck, as this denim dress came back into stock and better yet it was in the sale - bonus! 

It may seem a bit obvious but denim is a key trend for Spring, from Burberry to Stella McCartney, designers were determined to put their own spin on our most-loved fabric. Work the trend in a simple, denim tunic teamed with a nautical polo neck for modern seventies vibes. 

Contrasting striped socks add a touch of character with a silky bomber jacket for those chilly London mornings. Complete the seventies revival with a floppy hat and suede tassel shoes, and of course, a bargain bag from the M&S sale! 

Denim Dress//Asos
Striped Polo Neck//Asos
Navy Bomber Jacket//Monki


Saturday, 28 February 2015

LFW: Street Style

During my internship here in  London, I was given the opportunity to visit Somerset House during London Fashion Week and take some street style photos. At first this was very daunting as I'm not the most experienced photographer and after years of catching up with London Fashion Week through online sources, it was surreal actually being able to be there in real life. 

However, I managed, even with my camera playing up, to capture some of my favourite moments straight from the cobbles of Somerset House. And so, I would encourage anyone who is wary about capturing street style to go for it, as I had no experience whatsoever and even when my camera couldn't achieve the classic blurred background effect, with a little bit of Photoshop tutorials I think I might have just pulled it off! 

Culottes are back with a vengeance and have quickly become a must-have silhouette! Accessorise classic black culottes with studded accessories and fringing details to keep the look on trend for this season. 

Teaming less structured culottes with heels helps to elongate the legs while adding a tailored blazer balances out the look. The casual graphic print sweatshirt paired with a crisp white shirt creates a chic day to night look!

Forget '50 Shades of Grey', we're talking multiple shades of blue! On the streets of London Fashion Week we saw the classic black and white couple being replaced by a younger, fresher look - blue and white. 

I love the combination of colours and textures worn by Phoebe Lettice (former Made In Chelsea character) with harsh metallic balanced by soft, faux fur. 

This bold combination of primary hues reflects the colour trends for Spring, with colour-blocking and brave clashing combo's taking over this season. 

Model Charlotte De Carle, goes for an adrogynous look contrasting a feminine blouse with a boxy dress and tailored blazer. The striped monochrome socks and casual snapback achieve that on-trend sporty feel. 

Tailored layers and minimalist grey hues complete with a structured hat creates a cool, edgy look. This is one of my favourite looks - I've developed a love for minimalism and a classic black, white and grey colour palette! 

Seventies vibes were lingering at LFW, with bold patterns and a touch of suede creating the perfect retro look!

As a major Made In Chelsea fan (not even embarrassed to admit it), I was excited to capture Rosie in a beautiful Ralph Lauren embroidered dress. I love how she's paired it with knee-high boots and a clashing textured bag!