Sunday, 2 October 2016

Cactus Club: The New 'It Print'

After making the mistake of going out without a jacket and shivering the whole way home, I've finally accepted that summer is over (cry). On the bright side, I'm heading off to sunny Dubrovnik in a few weeks time so I'm still looking out for summer-style pieces that I can squeeze into my suitcase. If you're also jetting off in October and are looking for some inspiration, there is a certain print that has dominated this summer - cactus!


T-shirt//River Island
Bag//Cambridge Satchel Company

Whether its florals, foliage or pineapples, every summer we see bold, bright patterns hitting the high-street. This year, cactus print has become the new 'it print' and I'm definitely on-board! One of my favourite pieces is this Zara playsuit. I love how it's cute and ditsy - typical of a floral print - but has more of an edgy-ness to it. If you're not into the playsuit, here's a few more prickly high-street picks...

Cheap Monday//£20

House of Holland//£95



Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Bomber Jacket: Embroidery vs. Graphic Stripes

Bomber Jacket//Zara
T-shirt//River Island
Shoes//River Island

If you're sick of bomber jackets taking over high-street stores you're not in for much luck for Autumn/Winter, as the trend is well and truly sticking around. Personally, I am obsessed with collecting bomber jackets - it's kind of a problem - and this is the latest addition to my wardrobe. Although, I do agree it becomes repetitive seeing the same (or similar) items across various high-street stores so I tend to purchase versions that are a bit different. What I like about this Zara version is the juxtaposition of beautiful floral embroidery with harsh, graphic lines and by combining this with a contrasting striped dress it creates a quirkier look!

So what's in store for A/W 16? Very much like the example above, the catwalks showed signs of mixing femininity with more masculine urban/military looks. Also, with the rise of the puffer jacket, quilted bomber jackets will start to come through. But if you don't fancy forking out money for a new version, take a leaf out of Balenciaga's book and zip down your bomber jacket to create a cool off-the-shoulder neckline. 


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Minimalist Coats - A/W 16

How is it September already? I guess this means Summer is pretty much over. Or here in Scotland it means Summer is that last week in August where we randomly get inundated with sun we are so not ready for. Speaking of confusing weather, I always find it difficult to get a coat that's warm but not overly thick and heavy. Waking up to cold early mornings then leaving work to face scorching heat in a wooly coat is not ideal. However, I think this coat from M&S offers the perfect solution as well as mimicking the minimalist coat trend with the added interest of a contrast collar. Check, check and check...

[x] Cosy but lightweight
[x] Trend - Minimalist coats with interest
[x] Not thaaat expensive 

p.s. check out the new pastel Adidas Gazelle colours (love!)


Shirt//New Look
Adidas Gazelle's//Office


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Not So Cute Pinafore

I feel like this might be a problem that only I have but I'm going to put it out there anyway....

I have a serious obsession with pinafores (along with bomber jackets, Adidas Superstars and just clothes in general but pinafores are still up there in the ranks). Anyway, the problem is I am 5ft 2 - which can be a problem in itself - but more specifically whenever I wear pinafores or dungarees I always get the comment "aaaw you look so cute". I mean thanks for the compliment but at 21 I'm kind of past the stage of wanting to look cute. So, I present to you, how to style a pinafore without resembling a child (again, it's probably a niche issue). P.s. so in love with this SkinnyDip bag!

Pinafore, Shirt & Hair Accessory//New Look
Coat, Boots and Necklace//H&M
(purchased from ASOS)


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blue on Blue with a Blue Sky...

Hat//River Island
Denim t-shirt//New Look
Dungarees//New Look
Shoes//New Look

Bag//Lulu Guinness
Coat//New Look

After weeks of rain and a pile of coursework, a day out surrounded by beautiful Scottish scenery was just what I needed! I admit I probably didn't pick the most sensible footwear considering the icy conditions (yes, I took a tumble - can't wait for that massive bruise to appear tomorrow), but I love how these pointed-toe shoes give my casual dungarees a slightly more polished look. When it comes to the double denim debate I am definitely all for it. If you're sitting on the fence and want to give it a go, here are my tips...

1. I would recommend mixing different shades of denim or pairing a denim shirt with black jeans before going all out in a similar head-to-toe hue.

2. Find the right combination for you! Try pairing jeans with a white tee and denim jacket to break it up a little. I also love to pair a denim button-up skirt with a simple denim shirt.

3. For me, black or brighter coloured accessories are best to avoid adding too many shades of blue. 

Hope this helps!


Monday, 28 September 2015

LFW/MFW: Hair Edit

Ok, so I know Fashion month is mainly about the clothes but recently I have been obsessing over my hair - trying new hairstyles, getting it dyed for the first time in my life (better late than never right?) and just generally wanting to jazz it up a bit - with LFW/MFW being the perfect inspiration. 

You probably know as well as I do that those early mornings can be a real struggle when it comes to actually making an effort with your hair. Most of the time I just feel like rolling out of bed and turning up to work with my hair well... looking like I just got out of bed and went to work. So, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that at LFW Holly Fulton brought back the bed head in a fresh way sending models down the runway with their hair jujjed (how do you spell that?!) up at the back. Shortly after, Alexa Chung posted an instagram photo showing off her new bed head look - if it's good enough for Alexa, it's good enough for me!

After many attempts I've finally managed to master my french braid pigtails and I'm kind of looking for a new challenge. When I saw these graphic pigtails sported by the models at Marni, I instantly fell in love. Sometimes, when I wear my hair in pigtails/plaits I feel I look a tad childish but I like how this achieves a sleek, grown up look and is relatively easy to replicate!

What were your favourite looks from the London and Milan fashion weeks? 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Monochrome Madness

One word to describe the last few months - BUSY. Recently, I have been neglecting the blog, but finally after settling into my new job (yay!) I've found the time to share with you some of my new purchases. One of which are these minimalist black cullottes - simplicity at its finest! 

Duster coat//Crusade Clothing (Depop)
Roll neck top//Asos
Cullottes//Forever 21
Necklace//New Look 

With a work trip to Glasgow, visiting Forever 21 was of course a must. After scouring their three floors, I spotted these shorts/cullottes and had to buy them. I love the whole monochrome/minimalist look and knew they would go perfectly with my geometric duster coat (favourite coat e.v.e.r.) and a touch of red lippy. Hope you guys like the outfit!