Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Bomber Jacket: Embroidery vs. Graphic Stripes

Bomber Jacket//Zara
T-shirt//River Island
Shoes//River Island

If you're sick of bomber jackets taking over high-street stores you're not in for much luck for Autumn/Winter, as the trend is well and truly sticking around. Personally, I am obsessed with collecting bomber jackets - it's kind of a problem - and this is the latest addition to my wardrobe. Although, I do agree it becomes repetitive seeing the same (or similar) items across various high-street stores so I tend to purchase versions that are a bit different. What I like about this Zara version is the juxtaposition of beautiful floral embroidery with harsh, graphic lines and by combining this with a contrasting striped dress it creates a quirkier look!

So what's in store for A/W 16? Very much like the example above, the catwalks showed signs of mixing femininity with more masculine urban/military looks. Also, with the rise of the puffer jacket, quilted bomber jackets will start to come through. But if you don't fancy forking out money for a new version, take a leaf out of Balenciaga's book and zip down your bomber jacket to create a cool off-the-shoulder neckline. 


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Minimalist Coats - A/W 16

How is it September already? I guess this means Summer is pretty much over. Or here in Scotland it means Summer is that last week in August where we randomly get inundated with sun we are so not ready for. Speaking of confusing weather, I always find it difficult to get a coat that's warm but not overly thick and heavy. Waking up to cold early mornings then leaving work to face scorching heat in a wooly coat is not ideal. However, I think this coat from M&S offers the perfect solution as well as mimicking the minimalist coat trend with the added interest of a contrast collar. Check, check and check...

[x] Cosy but lightweight
[x] Trend - Minimalist coats with interest
[x] Not thaaat expensive 

p.s. check out the new pastel Adidas Gazelle colours (love!)


Shirt//New Look
Adidas Gazelle's//Office