Monday, 28 September 2015

LFW/MFW: Hair Edit

Ok, so I know Fashion month is mainly about the clothes but recently I have been obsessing over my hair - trying new hairstyles, getting it dyed for the first time in my life (better late than never right?) and just generally wanting to jazz it up a bit - with LFW/MFW being the perfect inspiration. 

You probably know as well as I do that those early mornings can be a real struggle when it comes to actually making an effort with your hair. Most of the time I just feel like rolling out of bed and turning up to work with my hair well... looking like I just got out of bed and went to work. So, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that at LFW Holly Fulton brought back the bed head in a fresh way sending models down the runway with their hair jujjed (how do you spell that?!) up at the back. Shortly after, Alexa Chung posted an instagram photo showing off her new bed head look - if it's good enough for Alexa, it's good enough for me!

After many attempts I've finally managed to master my french braid pigtails and I'm kind of looking for a new challenge. When I saw these graphic pigtails sported by the models at Marni, I instantly fell in love. Sometimes, when I wear my hair in pigtails/plaits I feel I look a tad childish but I like how this achieves a sleek, grown up look and is relatively easy to replicate!

What were your favourite looks from the London and Milan fashion weeks?