Monday, 26 August 2013

Jaunty in a Jumpsuit

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase my first ever jumpsuit! I've always loved jumpsuits since they made a comeback, but I've never had the guts to actually buy one. I recently wore my jumpsuit on a night out and I love it, especially because it's comfortable but dressy enough to wear out. Also, it's basically a chic onesie and since I'm obsessed with onesies I was convinced very easily. 

My Jumpsuit from Asos

I chose a black jumpsuit because it is apparently 'slimming and sophisticated' - the cut out detail adding a bit of interest. I wore this with red strappy heels and a red clutch bag to add a bit of colour to the outfit. I actually found that the jumpsuit elongated my legs as the cut out section just above the waist made my legs seem longer (even though I am still short). 

It turned out that this had actually been good timing on my part as I started to notice an abundance of jumpsuits being worn by a number of celebrities at various events. 

Rihanna wearing Adidas Originals Jumpsuit

Miley Cyrus wearing Balmain Jumpsuit
Cameron Diaz in Halter Neck Jumpsuit

Day Time Look

One of my favourite things about jumpsuits is that they are so versatile - dress them up for night time or wear through the day for a more casual look. I would team a subtle floral print jumpsuit with sandals for a cute day time look. Adding a tailored blazer can make it a little more sophisticated for a work look!

Sandals - Topshop
Jumpsuit - Vivienne Westwood
Blazer - Mango

Selena Gomez Jumpsuit - Day Time Look

Give the jumpsuit a try!



Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tag That Blog - Leibster Award

Being a newbie in the world of blogging, I was interested to hear about the Leibster Award - after being tagged by my friend Jenny. (View her blog by clicking here). 

So what is the Leibster Award?

The Leibster Award is a great way for bloggers, with less than 200 followers, to get to know other bloggers and at the same time, get their blog out there to a wider audience!

The Rules...

1. Each person posts 11 facts about themselves
2. Answer the questions that the tagger has set
3. Choose people to link in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs

My Facts

1. I do not like Irn Bru, only recently tried Oreo's and have never been to Nando's (what's all the hype about?) 

2. I have an obsession over Sean Paul and literally love every. single. song. 

3. I have a fear of stingrays/jellyfish, seagulls and wasps.

4. I touched Dizzee Rascal's hand at TITP. 

5. I have been obsessed with clothes ever since my mum bought me dungarees and I wouldn't stop wearing them.

6. I have danced since I was 3 and miss it more than anything in the world. 

7. I abseiled off the Falkirk Wheel with a friend to raise money for charity.

8. I loved Art at school - Advanced Higher Art was my favourite subject!

9. I am desperate to go to Tomorrowland and have promised myself that I will go before I die. 

10. I split my head open after hitting my head off a rock at the top of Bennachie and was carried all the way down by a jogger who was terrified of blood.

11. I drove my car into a wall just months (even weeks probably) after passing my test. 

1. What is your favourite high street clothing brand?

Topshop is definitely up there in my favourites! Purely because it offers such a variety of different and quirky items. Also, because their petite section is perfect for me being short. 

Zara is another favourite, mostly because you can always count on it to have the latest trends and even if I'm just browsing it gives me inspiration for things I might want to buy. 

2. What's the most interesting thing in your handbag?

Well this depends if I'm drunk or sober... Waking up after a night out I always seem to end up with strange things in my bag such as stashes of stolen beer mats.

3. Who was your first ever style icon? 

This is tough, when I was younger I went through a stage of loving S Club 7 then I seemed to love Fred Perry, Mackenzie etc... (WHY?!) So I was really more influenced by friends at a younger age. I also used to like the Olsen Twins when I was younger too, so I guess they were style icons.  

4. Designer item you would love to own?

For me, I have always wanted a Mulberry bag. I would love a Bayswater Tote... wouldn't mind a black and gold Willow Tote too. If anyone's buying? 

5. If you could live in any past era what would it be?

I would love to have lived in the 50s and 60s mainly because of the clothes - the introduction of the mini skirt and how everything was much bolder/brighter - but also being able to witness the dancing and music back then!

6. What's one thing you wish you could do but can't?

I really want to bungee jump but I'm far too scared to do it!

7. What do you do first thing in the morning, get dressed or apply make-up?

Usually I apply my make-up first but normally I will plan my outfit before hand and then just get changed into it afterwards!

8. Favourite Perfume? 

I love the smell of 'Lady Million' but weirdly I love Britney Spears perfume!

9. Define your style in three words?

Fun, young, trend-led

10. Favourite colour to paint your nails?

I normally just paint my nails to match whatever I'm wearing but I love baby pink or any bright colours. 

11. What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?

I love my high-heel chelsea boots as they are so comfy and versatile but I think probably my leather jacket too since it's kind of a staple piece in my wardrobe. 

My Questions... 

1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

2. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

3. What key fashion item would you recommend for Autumn/Winter 2013?

4. Who is your celebrity crush?

5. What item could you not leave the house without?

6. Who is your favourite designer? 

7. What's your favourite accessory?

8. What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

9. Favourite movie?

10. Favourite clothing website?

11. Item of make-up you would recommend? 

Give it a try!



Thursday, 15 August 2013

A/W Trends

As Summer is coming to an end (sorry to remind everyone), the shops are filling up with the new season's trends. Straight from the catwalk are a few hints of what is to come for Autumn/Winter which can be read below!


This Autumn/Winter it's all about femininity, with rosy pinks emerging as a strong colour trend! These pink hues have been spotted on the runways from the likes of Lanvin and Nina Ricci (seen below). 

Nina Ricci


Meanwhile on the highstreet, Topshop have caught onto this trend fast - recently tweeting a collection of 'sherbet coloured' clothing - which fits in perfectly with this trend (click here).

Below are a few more pink coloured pieces that may be worth investing in!

Zara Short Woollen Overcoat

This perfect, powder pink overcoat from Zara is definitely worth investing in for Autumn/Winter, especially as this trend is particularly big for outerwear!

Ethnic Embroidery Slim Fit Trousers
I also love these slim fit trousers by Mango - a perfect staple trouser as it moves into those colder days.

More inspiration for this pink trend can be found on my pinterest by clicking here!


Plaid is back! Dig out your checked shirts and kilts as this is a big trend for Autumn/Winter. With Chanel showcasing a collection including dashes of plaid, in a castle just outside of Edinburgh, it was obvious that plaid had defnintely made a comeback! You can watch some of the show here. (Amazing!!) 

Recently I purchased a plaid skirt from American Apparel which can be seen below. 

American Apparel Plaid Full Woven Skirt
On sale when I bought it for around £20

I also have a checked shirt which I purchased from Zara last year and still love - this will  be making an appearance again this season. However, the shirt below is a new item Zara have brought in which I particularly love!

Zara Checked Shirt with Contrasting Collar
Further inspiration for the plaid trend can be seen on my pinterest by clicking here.

90's Grunge

Linking to the return of plaid, 90s Grunge is also making a massive comeback as shown by Saint Laurent in their Fall 2013 Catwalk which can be seen on youtube by clicking here.

I recently purchased a leather skirt from Forever 21 which I have teamed up with a few items to create a grunge inspired outfit.  

More inspiration for this trend can be viewed through my pinterest page by clicking here.

Leather Skirt - Forever 21, £12.75
Zip Back Jumper - Asos, £35
Boots - Asos, £50
Multi-Row Necklace - Topshop, £28

Animal Print

I've never really been a fan of animal print, but after seeing Burberry and Stella McCartney's A/W collections, I have been convinced that animal print can look classy and sophisticated if worn well!

Burberry A/W 2013
After my recent persuasion I decided to purchase this animal print top which was a bargain from Forever 21 (seen below). 

Forever 21 Safari Leopard Print Shirt
This leopard print playsuit (seen below) is another of my favourites which was previously out of stock, but I think they may have brought in more due to its popularity. 

Further inspiration can again be taken from my pinterest by clicking here.

Oh My Love Playsuit
(As seen on Millie Mackintosh)

That's all from me today. 
Hope this has given you some ideas for A/W shopping!



Monday, 12 August 2013

My Internet Favourites

If your anything like me, you won't be able to resist the temptation of internet shopping. I'm constantly scrolling through clothes websites looking for my next purchase and when I find a new company/website I love, it's even harder for me to resist!! So today I want to share a few of my favourite clothes websites, and hopefully introduce you to companies/websites that you might not know of already. 


During a trip to London I visited the store 'Monki' where I bought a few items that I am still in love with. In the last few months I decided to try and find a store nearby, and ended up discovering their website, which I am now obsessed with! 

Monki is part of the Hennes & Mauritz Group which is made up of 6 different independant brands - H&M, Monki and many more. But this brand, in my opinion, is more innovative and quirky which is why I prefer it to what H&M offers. The stores themselves all tell a different story, and provide a unique shopping experience (as seen in the photo below).

Monki store (taken from

You can access their website by clicking here - I would definitely encourage you to take a quick look! Items I have previously purchased can be seen below!

Crop Top and Bag both from Monki
This crop top was perfect for taking on holiday and I love the slogan on the front. The bag is small and flat with two zip compartments so was very handy for taking out with me on holiday and at home!

Monki Crop Top
This was my first purchase from the Monki store in London. I love the pattern and the cute pocket - perfect for wearing through the day or dressed up for a night time look. 

If you like the look of this brand I would also recommend 'Cheap Monday' which is another brand within the Hennes & Mauritz group. They do have a website which can be found here. Also, they have collections available on Asos (click here) and Urban Outfitters (click here).

Daisy Street

Daisy Street is a women's clothing website mainly selling high street clothes at relatively cheap prices. I would say it's similar to the likes of Missguided and boohoo, so if you like these kind of sites I would take a look. I've bought a few items from here including a crop top and an item of jewellery. The only thing I noticed is that the delivery can take a while but overall I would recommend it! (Click here).

Crop Top and Gold Chain both from Daisy Street


Obey clothing is a clothing company originally founded as a skater clothing brand in New York city. However, it has become increasingly popular and I've spotted it being worn a lot lately. I love the laid back look of their clothes - perfect for day looks or casual weekend looks that are a little more quirky and interesting.  

Cheetah Front Throwback Fleece
This slogan jumper with the cheetah print is one of my favourite items and can be found on their UK website by clicking here.

Hope this has given you some inspiration for some new clothing!



Thursday, 1 August 2013

Read the Freebies

Ordered something lately? Ever noticed the free magazines that are tucked in with your parcel when it arrives? The freebie magazine - I love them! 

Whenever I order from a store online I always love reading the magazine that comes with it. These are perfect for updating you on the latest trends or items they will be stocking in the future. This is where I read about the return of the 'slip dress' - a previous 90's trend - which has been seen on the catwalk from the likes of Rochas.

Rochas Slip Dress

Since we can't all afford the catwalk items, I've found some high street alternatives that can be seen below... 

For a day time look I would wear these with a knitted jumper or some boots or for night time keep the look minimalistic with delicate accessories 
and shoes - maybe some barely there heels. 

Topshop Lace Slip Dress - £38

Nasty Gal Slip Dress - $58 (Around £38)

Topshop Slip Dresses - £38

Read the Freebies... they're free!