Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hidden Gems

What was once seen as a home for bric-a-brac, jumble and unwanted clutter, usually visited by the older generations, has now become a treasure chest full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by the fashion savvy youth. With the rise in popularity of vintage and retro fashion, the charity shops are experiencing the benefits as more people are changing their views and getting involved in the charity shop craze. 

During my first year studying Fashion Management we were asked to create an outfit using charity shop finds with a budget of only £10. This opened my eyes to the treasures of the charity shops and I was shocked to discover that a fashionable outfit could be easily created. 

The shirt we used in the outfit above was found in the Charity Shop Shelter in Aberdeen. I love this shirt because it has a vintage feel to it but I feel like it has a lot more personality than anything you can buy in a standard retail store! 

Recently I began volunteering in one of the Sue Ryder charity shops in Aberdeen where I was asked to dress the front window (picture above). The shirt above I took from their 'Vintage Section' and teamed it with a plaid skirt. The added details of the belt, scarf and old broach add some quirkiness to the outfit! I also love the clutch bag which was actually from Vero Moda - Bargain!

Tips for finding hidden gems...

1. Don't be afraid to get stuck in and have a rake. Charity shops are not like retail stores where everything is neatly presented for your convenience! If you're going to find something interesting you need to be prepared to search for it. 

2. Don't give up! You might not find something on your first trip but new things are donated all the time so keep returning and you will have more chance of finding something you like. 

3. It's all about the styling - you might see an item which at first you aren't sure about but with some clever styling you can bring a vintage item into the 21st century. 

Hopefully this will have convinced you to change your perception on the charity shop and maybe even take a quick look the next time you walk past!




  1. Hi there Julia!
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    Your blog is very cool and this last post is very interesting! I recently bought a skirt on a trip to France for 3 euros! :D It was in a big bazar in Paris. Frequently is difficult to find clothes for my size, the pieces are small in general. :/ but its cool to buy nice and cheap clothes! =)

    Please, take a look at my blog, its:

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    xx Yasmin :)

    1. That sounds amazing! I'm a student so I love a good bargain haha. Of course I will take a look at your blog :) Will also give it a follow.

      Thanks for the comment,
      Julia xo

  2. I love this :) Thank you for the great tips!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Will take a look at your blog too :) Julia xo.