Monday, 14 October 2013

Braid it up!

The plait/braid has always been a classic hairstyle, creating a neat, knotted, effortless look! As far as I can remember the plait was a favourite of my childhood hairstyles - every school photo featuring the perfectly plaited look. More recently, it has gone from gracing the school playgrounds to becoming a serious fashion trend. After months of skipping hair cuts, I have finally managed to grow my hair long enough to attempt this style and I have definitely fallen in love with this quick, easy and effortless look!

The best way to attempt this style is to follow a tutorial/video which takes you through step by step. It took me a couple of practises as it can be a bit more tricky than a classic plait! These youtube tutorials below are very helpful so I would recommend taking a look...

  • LuxyHair Tutorial (click here)
  • Imogen Foxy Locks Tutorial (click here)

Photo 1

After mastering the fishtail braid I got a little more adventurous creating a new hairstyle inspired by another YouTube tutorial. This plait creates the effect of  a cage around your ponytail which I thought was a bit different and eye-catching. I first started off with a basic ponytail, covering the hair band by rapping a piece of my hair around it (as seen in photo 1).  

A tutorial on how to create this look can be found here...

  • Lilith Moon tutorial (click here)

Braids can be a bit tricky but keep practising and you can create something cool and interesting. Have fun! 

If you tried any of the above or have any other styles for me to try then feel free to comment below!




  1. Cute braid!

    Lauren xo

  2. Very cute! xxx

  3. Replies
    1. It's quick and easy to do as well, perfect for when I can't really be bothered doing my hair haha. x

  4. I love the side braid, so effortless yet cute :) I'm a new follower to your blog xx

    1. I know, me too! So quick and easy to do :) Thank you very much, I'll take a look at your blog. x

  5. Thank you :) I've followed your blog! X