Sunday, 14 February 2016

Not So Cute Pinafore

I feel like this might be a problem that only I have but I'm going to put it out there anyway....

I have a serious obsession with pinafores (along with bomber jackets, Adidas Superstars and just clothes in general but pinafores are still up there in the ranks). Anyway, the problem is I am 5ft 2 - which can be a problem in itself - but more specifically whenever I wear pinafores or dungarees I always get the comment "aaaw you look so cute". I mean thanks for the compliment but at 21 I'm kind of past the stage of wanting to look cute. So, I present to you, how to style a pinafore without resembling a child (again, it's probably a niche issue). P.s. so in love with this SkinnyDip bag!

Pinafore, Shirt & Hair Accessory//New Look
Coat, Boots and Necklace//H&M
(purchased from ASOS)


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