Tuesday, 17 September 2013

LFW: Keep Fit - The Fashionable Way

Just like any other fashion lover, I've been engrossed in London Fashion Week, and once again I have not been disappointed! Over my next few posts I've decided to write about my personal highlights, starting with the latest Adidas Collection from Stella McCartney. This might seem like an odd one to start with but recently I have become obsessed with sportswear becoming a growing fashion trend ever since I designed a fashionable sportswear store for a project in my first year at university. While I was researching for this project I fell in love with Stella McCartney's work with Adidas even more!

In the past, a gym outfit would consist of throwing on a baggy t-shirt and maybe some joggers but sportswear as a fashion trend has evolved rapidly, becoming more feminine and sophisticated - we still want to look fashionable even if we are dying on a run or going to the gym!

Stella McCartney for Adidas - Spring/Summer 2014 

"It's very much to inspire people to have pride in themselves, their performance, to push themselves,"  Stella McCartney

The latest collection was showcased this morning and was shown in five separate sections - but this was far from any normal catwalk show! The show included models performing synchronised swimming, aerial yoga, running, spinning and studio workouts. Not only were the clothes visually appealing, they proved their practicality which is why I love this collection so much!


Synchronised Swimming

Stella McCartney for Adidas LFW
This is one of my favourite pieces from the collection due to the interesting look of the marble print. I think this is something a bit different and would easily allow you to make a statement while on a run!

Images from the show can be viewed here by clicking 'Spring/Summer 2014' in the right hand column. 

I would also recommend taking a look at the Adidas website which can be found here!

Keeping fit can be fashionable!



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